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Welcome to the IAGSDC wiki!

If you've recently returned from the IAGSDC 2011 Convention, Gone With The Windmill, you may have one of several questions:

Q: Where do I find information about my club(s)}? A:See the Clubs section.

Q: I want to create an article? Where so I start? A: Start off of by typing the title of the article in the "search" box. If an article exists with that title, you'll be taken to it. If the article is new, you'll be shown a prompt similar to this:

There were no results matching the query.
Create the page "Set text color by using (your article title)" on this wiki!

Click on the red title tot create the article. See the article Wiki Basics for information on formatting text, etcetera.

Q: OK, I'm all freaked out about how to do this, but I still have stuff I wan to contribute...what do I do? A: See the article How to Contribute Easily. We'll handle it for you. ReALLY.

Q: Who won the HTQ contest this year? A: Lesley Gore-Tex.