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Logo Anywhere Squares 2020.png

Location: Anywhere

Started: 2005

Admitted to IAGSDC: 02 Jul 2005 as Affiliate Member

Status: Active

History: ANYWHERE SQUARES is a network of geographically dispersed dedicated dancers. We are dancers who enjoy and feel connected to gay square dancing, but are mostly without a home club nearby. While we are just a few dedicated dancers at this point, we believe there must be others who share our situation and our love of gay square dancing.

Because we have at times felt isolated, we seek to join with other dancers for companionship, comaraderie, and fun. We want to provide for ourselves, and any who care to join us, a place of welcome, support, and warmth. We affirm for ourselves and each other that we feel connected to gay square dancing, that it is important to us, and that it is part of our lives. We support each other in seeking and pursuing avenues to continue or increase our involvement with gay square dancing. We come together and are a network in order to share our connections to gay square dancing, and in order to connect to each other.

Anywhere Squares is the name we have chosen. It represents both our geographic location (we're from anywhere) and our desire to dance anywhere -- whenever and wherever we can dance.

Membership is open to anyone who supports the goals of the IAGSDC. We especially want to reach out to displaced or isolated dancers. This might include, for example: -- Dancers who moved out of the area of their club (and are no longer near an IAGSDC club). -- Dancers whose IAGSDC club has disbanded. -- Dancers who prefer gay square dancing, but have to drive a long distance to reach an IAGSDC club (perhaps can't dance regularly). -- Dancers who left their IAGSDC club after breaking up with a partner. -- Others who want to join us.

People who are members of an IAGSDC club (or clubs) are welcome to join us. We invite inquires, interest, and participation.

We welcome ideas for how to support each other and expand our involvement with gay square dancing.


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