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IAGSDC Conventions are planned and staged over a five-year period.

The timeline for staging conventions runs something like this. NOTE: (Convention Year)="the year a given convention will be held."

  • (Convention Year -5) Bids for Convention are opened, and clubs may declare their intention to bid for the next two years. Interested clubs (or groups of clubs) form bid committees.
  • (Convention Year -4) Each bid committee must submit their preliminary bids to the IAGSDC. Bids for the Convention Year are closed.
  • (Convention Year -3) Bidding clubs submit a finalized bid for the Convention Year. In advance of this year's convention, IAGSDC member clubs receive copies of each bid, with directions to poll their membership for feedback and preferences on which bid they wish to support. At this year's convention, IAGSDC Delegates vote on which bid to accept.
  • (Convention Year -2) At this year's convention, a limited number of advance registrations, at a heavily discounted rate, are (generally) offered to people willing to stand in line in the wee small hours of the morning.
  • (Convention Year -1) At this year's convention, registration for the Year 0 convention is held, along with the hotel room block.
  • (Convention Year) Convention is held.

At any given Convention, future Convention committees raise seed money (in addition to whatever has been provided by prior conventions, the IAGSDC, and associated organizations such as All Join Hands) by running "50/50" raffles. Generally, the convention being held two years out holds their raffle during the Saturday night banquet, while the following year's convention holds their raffle during the Sunday brunch.

Also during the Sunday brunch, committees from the next two awarded conventions deliver presentations describing the convention staff, host hotel, local sights, and related information about their convention.


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