The Christmas Belles

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1998 Christmas Belles--Belle Whatling, Belle Epoch, Belle Poitrine and Belle E Button.jpg

Winners of the 1998 Honky Tonk Queen Contest.

"1998 Portland
Won't Udo That Voodoo That Udo So Well!

OK -- size does matter, as we found out this year when the Belles of San Francisco made their triumphant entrance in the contest -- marking the first time the contest was won by a float -- or four floats, if you weigh it out!!! In no particular order, they were: Belle Whatley, Belle Poitrine, Belle Epoque and Belle E. Button. Great costumes, minimal talent. They did prove what Lois and Tami have always believed: that drag and leather are at opposite ends of the same continuum -- and these twisted bitches lived at both ends simultaneously! In addition to that, they all fed off of one brain!"[1]