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Ben Rubright


Ben graduated from beginner lessons in Endicott, NY in the spring of 1977, attended the Jack Lasry and Ron Schneider caller school in Harmony, PA in the summer of 1978. and began calling on a weekly basis in the fall of 1978. After moving to Charlotte. NC in 1979, he offered classes at the Plus, Advanced, and Challenge levels.

Ben travels extensively throughout the US and has been on the staff of many major festivals including the Southern Challenge, the National A & C, the American A & C, the Canadian Challenge, the Atlanta Extravaganza, the PACE Spectacular and Extravaganza the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, the WASCA Festival, NTA (C4 weekend with Vic Ceder), and the Berkshires (C4 weekend with Lynette Bellini). Ben was on the staff of Copecrest Square Dance Resort for 12 years, since moving to California has been asked to join the staff of McCloud Dance Country.

1992 marked his first opportunity to call in Sweden, and he has twice called in Japan since then, and he is scheduled to call in Germany this fall.

Ben has authored four pocket references for dance programs at the Advanced and Challenge levels.[1]

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