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Recipients of the Chairman’s Award are chosen by the Chairman of the Board to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions to CALLERLAB, square dancing, or to the Chairman. There are no restrictions on the Chairman for consideration of award recipients. The choice is completely up to the Chairman.

On March 28, 2021, outgoing CALLERLAB Chairman Ken Ritucci presented the IAGSDC and the GCA with the Chairman's Award, issuing the following statement.

Today I am excited and honored to be able to award two organizations that in my opinion have done so much for our activity.

Our award winners are organizations that have had to endure trial and tribulations during their early years. Both organizations had their beginnings in the late 70’s and early 80’s. These organizations not only had to put up with prejudice within our society but also within our own activity.

While one organization began a few years before the other, both would not be complete until they actually had each other to rely upon. These organizations have had to endure a great deal during their formative years. But, like CALLERLAB itself, they have endured and prospered into the fine establishments that they are. While shunned in their early years by many dancers, they now epitomize the very essence of quality square dancing so many clubs and dancers envy.

Nowadays they have become a symbol of strong dancing and professionalism. It is now the norm to dance to their callers and their clubs. Many members of the Gay Callers Association (GCA) have become strong leaders in our activity. Many members of the GCA are members of CALLERLAB.

The beauty of our activity is that we have evolved beyond such animosity and because of that, our activity is in a better position because of these two great organizations.

I couldn’t think of any finer entities than these who so deserve this award. It gives me great pleasure to present the CALLERLAB Chairman’s Award to two outstanding organizations, the International Association of Gay/Lesbian Square dance Clubs (IAGSDC), President Ed Zeigler and The Gay Callers Association, President Ett McAtee (GCA).

Ken Ritucci
Chairman of the Board 2019-2021


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