Clark Baker

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From the Program Book of the 12th IAGSDC Convention, held in Chicago, IL in 1995:
Clark lives in Belmont, MA with his wife Miriam and daughters Eva (12) and Laura (6). Both he and Miriam started dancing in 1974 at MIT's Tech Squares. His background in computer science and interest in "computerizing' everything have Jed his calling career in a unique direction. In 1976, for his undergraduate thesis, Clark wrote a computer program to generate "smooth, flowing, danceable" Plus and Advanced material. In 1978 he wrote The Challenge Square Dance Handbook which described concepts and formations in greater detail than previous dictionaries. He started calling in 1977 and in the mid-80s developed a computer program to assist in writing choreography. Currently he calls a local C3 group and a handful of challenge weekends, and dances Plus through C-l. Clark has been an active member of CallerLab since 1980 and is presently the Quarterly Selection Coordinator and chairman of the Definitions Sub-committee. His choreographic reputation is for problem solving, technical accuracy, and testing the dancer's knowledge of the basics