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Entrance of Dominique with her "Hilda"s, Albuquerque, 1992

Dominique de Fontainbleau was the winner of the Honky Tonk Queen in 1991.
See also Winston Samuel for personal appearances.

Dominique broke ground by becoming the first black reigning Honky Tonk Queen at the 1991 Miami convention. She was truly a vision of loveliness, captivating the audience with her charm and poise. She reigned over the longest ever Honky Tonk Queen Pageant to date at the 1992 Albuquerque convention. [1]

Dominique published a monthly column, "Royal Dish", in the Times Squares newsletter from July 1991 to August 1992.


Chapter 6: 1991, Miami
Stormy Weather
Miami, my hometown, was a nightmare. My wicked, evil twin brother showed up with his woman. HE CLAIMED SHE WAS THE REAL SYBIL! MY NERVES! I mean she WASN'T A DRAG QUEEN! SHE WAS, WAS, YOU KNOW, A WOMAN! Not that I don't like women, I adore them. But this one was claiming to be me, or claiming I was claiming to be her. It was all so confusing with that slime Steffany just smiling like Tammy Baker at a two-for-one tacky make up sale at Woolworths and Terry whining "why does everyone always want to see Sybil, why doesn't everyone want to see me?" (I had patiently explained to him that there wasn't much of a market in the world or popularity for aging leprechauns, but some people just can't face reality, sad isn't it.) It was all too much. And then on top of it all, that miserable excuse for a Queen, Layona Sofa, or whatever her name was, brought the entire Chicago Rehabilitation Ward (they called themselves the SHE-DEVILS, never were truer words spoken) and then turned the pageant into a full blown extravaganza! Sure, I was still everybody's reason for living, but it was all becoming too, too much. IT ISN'T EASY BEING A SEX GODDESS LET ME TELL YOU. Anyway, this thing from New York who confused Vogueing with making faces won and I can't even remember what her little pretentious one name was: Cher, or Mystique, or DOMINO, or something like that. And there's Terry with that look of murder in his eyes, and Steffany with that wicked, wicked, wicked, smile and all those PATHETIC HAS-BEEN CONTESTANTS! But I'll show them. I'll SHOW THEM ALL! I've found an incredible Beverly Hills Doctor who has agreed to SURGICALLY IMPLANT A MICROPHONE IN MY THROAT AND THEY'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO STOP ME THEN, NEVER I TELL YOU! Next year ALBUQUERQUE and then THE WORLD![2]


Entrance of Dominique de Fontainbleau, Albuquerque, 1992


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