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How do I find out about upcoming Conventions and local fly-ins?

The IAGSDC® maintains a website, located at: IAGSDC website

This website contains many helpful pieces of information, including links to the next few conventions, the IAGSDC® Event Calendar (a listing of announced fly-ins and related events), and a complete listing of IAGSDC® clubs worldwide.

IAGSDC website

I'm going to another city for vacation; is there a square dance club there?

For many years, an unofficial publication called the "Square Dance Travel Guide" was available to help dancers locate IAGSDC and associate clubs when traveling to other cities. Originally conceived by Freeman Stamper in 1984, the Square Dance Travel Guide was maintained for many years by Paul Asente. The Guide, which was updated on an ongoing basis, contained information on clubs all over the world that welcome dancers from IAGSDC® clubs. The guide was formerly available online at: Square Dance Travel Guide

Since the revamping of the IAGSDC website in 2005, the Square Dance Travel Guide has been decommissioned, and the IAGSDC's "Clubs" page now provides that function. (Or just go to the main IAGSDC page, and select "Clubs" from the green toolbar, as shown below.)

Clubs section of the IAGSDC website

How do I make electronic contact with other IAGSDC® dancers?

There is an electronic mailing list called "lgcwsd", which stands for "Lesbian/Gay Country Western & Square Dancing". The list is open to anyone who wishes to join. (Membership on the list is not an indication of sexual preference.)

The lgcwsd mailing list is hosted by Rich Reel at Because of problems with spam, subscription information is no longer provided online or here in the Guide.

Instead, to subscribe, please contact Rich Reel by going to the following page. He'll send subscription instructions.

The lgcwsd list exists primarily to communicate among IAGSDC® clubs and interested others, but it is not sponsored by the IAGSDC®. Anything sent to the list's address will be distributed immediately. There is no moderator controlling or approving the content of posts.

The mailing list server will allow you to remove yourself for vacations and add yourself back as you wish. Administrative mail for lgcwsd should go to Rich Reel, the list owner.

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