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Allan Hurst at Dad's Kitchen in Sacramento, CA

About the Author

Born in Chicago in 1960, Allan Hurst moved from Sunnyvale, California to Sacramento, California in April of 2022. Allan danced and called all over the San Francisco Bay Area from 1985-2002, and now dances and calls in the Sacramento area. He is the club caller for Capital City Squares, and occasionally fills in as a caller for Prime 8's. He also calls for several straight clubs in the greater Sacramento area. He ostensibly dances C2, and calls Basic through C1. He is a member of both the GCA and CALLERLAB.

Other than Capital City Squares and Prime 8s, Allan is (or was) a member of Midnight Squares (of which he was formerly one of the administrators), El Camino Reelers (where he served as a board member for several years), Foggy City Dancers, Squares Across the Border, Chi-Town Squares, and Salt Lake City's Temple Squares (which he helped start). Some years ago, Rick Hawes inducted Allan into Heads to the Center.

From 2017-2021, Allan gave up calling at El Camino Reelers so that he could join the board to assist the club with dancer recruitment and retention.

In his copious spare time, he edits a quarterly publication, entitled The Call Sheet: Professional Journal of the Gay Callers Association, and periodically updates The Guide to IAGSDC Convention.

His frequent regular attendance at multiple fly-ins have earned him the self-imposed title of "Diva Of The West Coast Fly-In Circuit [Which Has Been Arbitrarily Redefined to Include Chicago]."

Professionally, Allan is a partner in a technology services company located in Fremont, California. If the Silicon Valley location didn't tip you off ... he's a big old computer network geek. He also spent many years working as a board member for a leather community charitable fundraising organization called Alta County Leather Corps.

In 2003, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Allan became legally married to Randy Hensley (also of the El Camino Reelers) at a weekend fly-in hosted by Squares Across The Border. The full story of their wedding (with pictures) can be found at his website. Their marriage is valid in Canada, Spain, England, and any IKEA.

Allan has written many square dance articles, which are available online & free of charge at his website.

His calling website can be found at

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