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Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Website: http://www.squaresacrosstheborder.org/

Started: 1983

Admitted to IAGSDC:

Status: Active

History: Squares Across The Border was established in 1983 through the dedication of Art Smith, who commuted from Seattle to teach the classes, and Carol van Camp, who gave, and continues to give, never-ending support.

From the Program Book for the 3rd IAGSDC Convention, held in San Francisco in 1986:
Square dancing was introduced to Vancouver in November 1983. The group learned the Basic steps and by March 1984 the Club had a name — "Squares Across the Border".
After attending All Join Hands, the first gay square dance convention in Seattle 1984, we all returned home filled with excitement and determined to build our club.

From the Program Book of the 5th IAGSDC Convention, held in Phoenix, AZ in 1988:
Squares Across the Border, Vancouver, B.C. got started in 1983 as an alternative to disco music. After four years of growth in Vancouver the club was incorporated as a non-profit Society from the Government of British Columbia. The club is proud to be associated with the Canadian Square Dancing Assoc., the British Columbia Round and Square Dancing Assoc. and IAGSDC.


Club Caller[s]: Anne Uebelacker, Bruce MacDonald, Grant Ito, JP Slater


Dance Location[s]:

Fly-Ins Hosted:

West Coast A&C

Conventions Hosted: