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The Medallion Tip is a special time for all Medallion recipients to come together to dance and celebrate their accomplishment of attending 10, 20, 25, or 30 IAGSDC conventions.

Recipients include dancers, non-dancers, callers, and vendors. They are awarded the medallion in recognition of their support and commitment to GLBT* square dancing.

Why a medallion, you ask? The IAGSDC Medallion Project was created by Freeman Stamper to provide dancers with a straightforward, attainable goal to provide a sense of achievement in square dancing.

The very first medallions were awarded in 1993 at the Seattle convention (which was the tenth) by Freeman Stamper, the originator of the Medallion Project.

Records are kept from year to year to track attendance. Rick Hawes became Stepmother of the Medallion Project (1988-2018) when he took it over from Freeman, and today, Stepdaddy Keith Gehrig is at the helm.