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Exhibition Team or Performance Team groups were not uncommon in the early days of the IAGSDC, though no regularly organized ones exist after 2010.

Early IAGSDC conventions often had scheduled times for performances, and these square dance groups would put on specially rehearsed and choreographed numbers. There was some debate about how much time should be allotted to this part of the schedule.

Some of these groups also performed at gay rodeos, fund raisers, and other LGBTQ events.


Excerpted from an email on the LCGWSD Mailing List oOn Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 9:20 AM, by Bill Eyler:
This (Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2011 Flash Mob) does indeed take us back 20-25 years in the activity when many clubs (including the Wilde Bunch) had flashy choreo to lively music at gay pride, variety shows, street events. I highly encourage the idea without killing the dancers with over-rehearsal. :-) We loved our flash, our costumes, and the bonding we had with the putting together of presentation numbers.
I very much loved the exhibition hours during our conventions lo these many years ago, with time reserved for everyone to come together to watch all the polish and hard work dancers put into our hobby. The last one I really remember watching was at the Los Angeles Convention ("Lights, Camera, Linear Action!") in 1999, when many of us were hanging over the similar atrium rails (same architect) looking down at the whoopin' and hollerin' of the exhibition dancers. This is of course preachin' to the choir, since we're all there to dance.
Being able to do this at ANY event is a bonus ESPECIALLY with catchy modern music.