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Randy Ray Dougherty
15 May 1951 - 06 May 2022

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Randy has enjoyed the wonderful world of square dancing for almost 50 years. From 1979 to 1986 he was a caller for seven clubs in the Twin Cities area, then broadened his traveling circuit to include the entire USA and foreign countries. In 1986 Randy left Minnesota for !he warmer climate of Arizona where he ran a busy dance program in Mesa during the winter season. In 2009 Randy moved his winter program to Pharr, TX where he calls all levels from beginners to C3A for the many friendly Winter Texans that flock to the Square Dance Capital of the World. Throughout his career, Randy has recorded hits for many record companies. To date he has attended, and called for, nearly 40 straight National Conventions.[1]

Quick Facts

GCA Caller School

  • coached 2017


It is with a heavy and sad heart that I must tell you my brother Randy Dougherty passed in his sleep last night, Thursday, May 6.  He had a long battle with cirrhosis of the liver, kidney failure and diabetes.  Ironically, he was not a drinker, although he could play a good drunk.  He had many ups and downs, including covid infection on two occasions.  He devoted most of his life to square dancing, beginning as a teenager.  He was a choreographic wizard.  He taught many dancers and instructed many callers, providing fun for all.

Dee Dee Dougherty Lottie [2]



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