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Dennis John Scott
20 Jan 1948 - 26 Sep 1995

Clubs & Associations

Doppler Dancers
Emerald City Squares
Puddletown Dancers

Medallion Dancer


Square dancing, both gay and straight, lost a good friend when Dennis Scott passed away on September 26th. For many of us in BOQ,losing Dennis was particularly sad as he was part and parcel of our square dance experience.

I first met Dennis through Dean in the fall of 1983 - in mainstream class. Dean was a few weeks late joining the class, but working with Dean, he quickly caught up. That year we spent many Tuesdays after class at the Elite going over what had taught that night in class. Those sessions plus the many hours at Doug McPherson's house working on the first convention were the foundation of a friendship that grew to withstand even traveling together.

When Tom Long moved to Seattle from Portland to live with me, Dennis and Dean helped us move - as we did when they bought their home in the north end a few years ago.

Through festivals, fly-ins, conventions and classes Dennis was always there - with labor or dollars or whatever was needed. And he would still find time for an occasional folk danc along with the time that he and Dean were both devoted to clogging. Dennis loved dancing. His polka was fun, too.

In 1989 the four of us took the plunger and decided to travel together to the convention in New York, including a week on the road making a circuit through Buffalo, Toronto and Montreal. Even with the flight from hell (Northwest Air - Seattle to Newark via Detroit) and so much trouble deciding on restaurants it became a joke, we were all speaking to each other when we got home. Better still, we continued the practice and made all or parts of the travel to the Miami, Albuquerque, and Washington conventions together.

Dennis was a good friend outside of square dancing, too. Seattle Men's Chorus Concerts, vacations, movies; but square dancing was the glur that first brought us together. And through it all there always seems to have been a bottle or two of champagne close by. (I don't know HOW they always managed to appear!) miss Dennis but am thankful for the years he was my friend and fellow square dancer.
JW Paulson

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