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Whatever it takes to win the crown - saw playing!

Moolena was the winner of the Honky Tonk Queen contest in 1993.
For personal appearances, please consult Doug Cameron.


1993 Seattle
College Bound Again

Let’s see - who ran this contest? Does anyone remember? Does anyone care? Carmina the Whore!! Ah, yes, it all comes back now, like a dream after bad refried beans! The contest was won by a cow. The lovely Moolena of Vancouver, BC, all drippy with jewels. Oh yeah, and they held the contest at the crack of screech (Noon) on a Saturday. Don’t know about y’all, but it’s against my religion (and all the gods of dragdom) to put on artificial lashes before 4PM, unless its Gay Pride Week, daytime festivals where hot men without their shirts on might cuddle up and get their pictures taken with you, or you’ve had a really bad day and you need to feel beautiful. Let it be stated for the record, however, that this really was the first time that an actual talent was performed by a contestant. Saw playing - now there’s one for the books![1]


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