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Nathan Lee Bliss
28 Nov 1940 - 06 Nov 2002

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If you recognize Nate's voice, it's probably because your club has several of his records on the Windsor, Riverboat and BlueStar labels. A former resident of Texas, Nate and his wife Dei moved in 1983 to Northern California, where he calls and teaches for clubs in Petaluma and Santa Rosa. As his career moves into its 23rd year, Nate, "The Smooo-oo-th One," continues as director of Caller Connection, a national organization dedicated to the future of the professional caller.[1]

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On 6 Nov 2002 my good friend Nate Bliss passed away from a heart attack on a construction job. You're missed very much, Nate, but I'm sure you're calling in a much better place.
— Lawrence Johnstone

It's hard to believe Nate has been gone for twenty years. I had an opportunity to work with him and I found it exhilarating. He had a rare mastery of choreography and an impressive singing voice. Thanks for the memories...
— Ron Nelson, 6 Nov 2022

He was one of the "good guys." Gone FAR too soon.
Deborah Carroll-Jones

Still miss him also. Play tapes he made for me every once in a while, just to bring back memories.
— Randi Steele

Nate was a friend and a great caller
Eric Henerlau

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