Pam Demonium

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1988 HTQ Pam Demonium with Keith Gehrig holding crown and Bump Hagen on Banner

Pam Demonium was the winner of the Honky Tonk Queen Contest in 1988.
For personal appearances, please contact her social secretary Tony Lewis


Chapter 3: 1988, Phoenix
A Star Becomes A Goddess

At first I didn't think it was going to be a good year. I was shocked to find that they had rewritten the rules and 1 would be forced to give a pageant at the Phoenix Convention. I had planned to just abolish the whole thing and reign as Queen forever. But things turned out better than I had feared. To begin with, the Pageant had grown. The year I WON! there were about 60 people crammed into a hospitality suite, about 7 pathetic has-been contestants, and ME! In Phoenix, the pageant had grown so large that we moved from a small side room to a main ballroom. There was a mob of over 300 adoring SYBIL fans, over 25 pathetic has-been contestants, and ME! And then a truly wonderful thing happened. They handed me a long hard object. It made me quiver, it made me moist. It was a microphone and it MADE ME A GODDESS! Oh yeah, and this little mousy thing in an overdone dress with enough satin and lace on it to gag a maggot, named Miss Pam Demonium, won the contest.[1]



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