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At Golden State Round Up, 1983

Alan Frederick Hall
10 Jan 1943 - 17 Jul 1994

Clubs & Associations

Foggy City Dancers
Midnight Squares
Western Star Dancers

Medallion Dancer


It is my sad duty as a domestic partner to inform the people of the earth that Alan F. Hall, spiritual leader of the "McAllister Madhouse," entered immortality at 5 a.m. on July 17.

While notifying acquaintances of his departure, words used to describe his life and activities were: England, real estate, adventurous, investments, Speedos, landlord, Polaroids, Interchain, anecdotes, costumes, kinkiness, Montrose Singers, Jeopardy, latex, mentor, Midnight Squares, red hankies, humorous, notary public, play room, R.S.V.P. cruises, photogenic, bulletin board, spandex, Alamo Square, sparkling eyes, hospitality, Western Star Dancers, P.O. Plus. leather (and some lace), sunbathing, Crisco, ex-something or other, Macintosh computer, handballing, partnerships, first class, Visalia, courteous, TRUST, buns, involvement, tax loopholes, slings, gay resorts, friendship, aerobics, wines, Foggy City Dancers, geography, big smile, frequent flyer mileage, exhibitionist, spanking, optimism, camping, videos, Miguel's other half, canes, kindness, Sitges, bravery, generous, bridge, no regrets, worldly, horny, charismatic, understanding, "C+", achievement, underwear, etc.

Never one to miss an event, he departed on schedule to observe the excitement on Jupiter. A celebration of Alan's life will be held at his home (1269 McAllister St.) of 18 years, on Sunday, July 31, at 12:30 p.m. — With all my incorrigible love — Miguel (aka Miss Thing and the Widow Hall)[1]


Once upon a dream, you were heaven-sent to me, but it wasn't meant to be. Now I see it fade, and I'm here all alone.

Letting go of that hand that I've grown so accustomed to holding, letting go of that warmth can be so hard. Not holding on to your arm that was there to protect and embrace me, not seeing your smile, has been quite sad.

There was bound to come a time when I had to find my way. The time has come when I must let you go. I will be moving on with my life, on my own.

You will always be with me; I will always need your love, but it's so hard not to have you around. But now it's time to letting go.

When I look back, I will recall, minute by minute, our greatest moments of them all. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you. Your photograph is still next to my bed, and when the lights go out at night, you are part of my thoughts, love and soul. It's been quite a year, and I still loving you... Miguel, "The Widow Hall"[2]

Memorial Panel

  • 2LL | Foggy City Dancers, Midnight Squares, Western Star Dancers



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