Allan Berenstein

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Allan Berenstein
29 Oct 1945 - 05 Aug 2023

Clubs & Associations

Foggy City Dancers


Medallion Dancer


Dear Sha'ar Zahav Members,

It is with sadness that we announce the death of long-time member Allan Berenstein in San Francisco on August 5 at the age of 77.

Allan is survived by his sons, Matthew (Ashley) Berenstein and Justin (Brandie) Berenstein as well as six grandchildren, one great grandchild, brothers Sid (Joyce) Berenstein and Burt (Sherry) Berenstein and nephews and neices..

Condolences may be sent to Justin Berenstein.

The funeral will be on Wednesday, August 9 at 11ː00 a.m. in the chapel at Eternal Home Cemetery, 1051 El Camino Real, Colma. Interment will follow at the nearby family's burial site.

Shiva information is pending.

Contributions in Allan's memory may be made to Congregation of Sha'ar Zahav.

May Allan's memory be a blessing.

— Kerasa Tsokas, Assistant Director of Administration


I heard from Dave Holy that Allan Berenstein passed away in SF.

Allan Berenstein’s son Justin called me this afternoon to let me know that Allan passed away last night- I don’t know much about what happened other than he had been in the hospital with sepsis and his heart stopped- I don’t know yet about any services planned.

Allan had not been active in MWSD for years, but at one time was an excellent (no-drama!) administrator of Foggy City Dancers. The club did well under his leadership.

Andy Shore

Allan attended conventions in 1986, 1991 through 1996 and 1998 through 2000, for a total of ten conventions.  Per the records, he received his 10-year medallion in Baltimore, his last year.  I have thought he could help identify Foggy City Dancers in club photos from the early years.  Sorry I missed that opportunity.  I remember him well … He was a capable leader.  This photo from Remake the Circle, 1993.
Karl Jaeckel

I remember a Halloween when Allan so graciously offered his Condo as a marshalling location for a large group of fellow dancers to prepare for an evening out. Earlier in the day we had gone to the 2nd hand shops in both San Francisco and Oakland, gotten our “outfits” and needed a centralized place to adorn ourselves. We had so much fun getting ready for an evening out, applying makeup, assisting with sowing adjustments where necessary and getting our “HAIR” (Wigs) all just right! When it came time to head to MAX’s restaurant, we all (almost all) piled into a few cars and headed to the restaurant. We got there, were seated at several tables, there were a lot of us, and someone noticed that Allan was NO WHERE TO BE SEEN!! In our excitement, we left his condo without him!! In a few moments he finally showed up in a cab and in his “right on persona” verbalized his totally indignant witty self!! He was a very special man.

We all had a great laugh and enjoyed the evening traveling around town in our outfits . . . always making sure Allan was first into the car when we moved from one place to another. A GREAT evening was had by all!

It might be fun to suggest that anyone that was part of the group remind us who they are/were! As I recall we were about 10 or 12 strong. As I remember it took a few cars to move us around.
Randy Clarke-Ianiero