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At Wheel & Deal, 1997

John F Bibb

Clubs & Associations

Gay Callers Association
Raleighwood Squares
Rocket City Rainbow Squares

Quick Facts

  • one of the founders of Raleighwood Squares and was its first caller

GCA Caller School

  • attended 1995, 1996, 1997


  • served as vice-president of Gay Callers Association, 1998-2000


I know he attended a number of IAGSDC conventions before my 1st in 2000. I recall him telling convention stories that included: dancers having to walk past the imploded hotel in Las Vegas, Moolena playing the saw at the HTQ contest, and why one should only wear a bar, NOT a ring, as a nipple piercing at the leather tip.
Mark Ambrose [1]



  1. Email to Jim Babcock, 03 Mar 2022