Seth Levine

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Seth Levine

Bathing Beauties
Desert Valley Squares
Heads to the Center
Running Bear Squares

Received 10 Year Medallion at Track II Chicago in 1995
Received 20 Year Medallion at Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy in 2005
Received 25 Year Medallion at Chi-Town Shakedown in 2010
Received 30 Year Medallion at Swing Me in St. Louis in 2015

Received the Golden Boot Award from Ett McAtee in 2005 and passed it on to All Join Hands in 2006.


From the Program Book of the 15th IAGSDC Convention, held in Portland, OR in 1998:
Seth Levine is the club caller for Desert Valley Squares in Phoenix, AZ. Seth is celebrating his 10-year anniversary calling and teaching, and will be part of the calling staff at next years's IAGSDC Convention, "Lights Camera, Linear Action," in Los Angeles, CA.

Golden Boot Award

In 2005, Ett McAtee presented Seth with the Golden Boot Award.
In 2006, Seth presented the award to All Join Hands, respresented by board members Gordon Macaw, Randy Clarke, Greg Wilson, and Gary Dougan.