Linda Kendall

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Linda Kendall


Linda was born in Santa Monica. California. and has been square dancing off and on since 1968. The U.S. Army brought Linda to Maryland in 1977. where she got involved with challenge-level dancing, and progressed through every level.

Linda began writing challenge material around 1988. Because she had a reputation for "technical expertise" in her understanding of calls and concepts, some local dancers asked her to do a "challenge concept workshop." She recorded some music on a cassette and shouted at the dancers. Soon she was hooked, bought some equipment, and started to become a professional caller.

Linda paired up with Ett McAtee in 1991, and with Ett's help, put some polish on what has become a modest calling career in the Washington, D.C. area and write "Choreo Corner,: a regular feature of the challenge dancer magazine, Zip Coder. Linda calls Advanced though C4, and is proud and happy to be the challenge part-timer caller for "Crack the Crab."[1]

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  1. IAGSDC Convention Program (Baltimore), 2000